The launch of the world's first social network in 3D

Social Network 3D-Connect.Com - the world's first social networking site that offers registered users online chat in 3D. Communication in 3D is a key advantage of the resource. Programmers studio failed to realize the reality of new technologies and make them real tools for better communication between people in a social network. Users are given the opportunity not only to correspond with each other and make video calls, and chat in 3D with simple tools.

3D-Connect.Com - a discovery in the development of social networks. Dynamic social network of developers from the studio of Oleg Dneprovsky is the first and has no analogues in the world full-featured tool that allows you to easily be able to communicate in 3D, search for friends, communicating with them by sending messages, video calls and 3D chat. Communication in the on-line mode is even more interesting and realistic. Members of social networks in 3D will be able to communicate with their friends even more comfortable and natural. In the social network 3D Connect offers pleasant surprises, interesting and promising new opportunities, which lacked the use of well-known social resources.

We did our best for our users to create an ideal machine for a dynamic and sensitive and realistic communication. The social network of new generation in 3D will allow you to be with each other closer. Search for new standards of communication process, the focus on comfort for the users and the effectiveness of the use of all instruments of social life «3D Connect» - problem number 1, which is placed in front of studio programmers Oleg Dneprovsky.

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News published 08/01/2012 at 23:17 Kyiv time.

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